Pro-Fit Holistic Lifestyle Principles for Health & Wellbeing



These principles form the heart of our philosophy.


Our goal is to help you understand which elements you need to bring together to speed up healing and optimise health and wellbeing.


The biology of your body is linked to your mind – healthy thinking supports and encourages a healthy body.  You will learn to nurture the ability to view your situation relative to the actual circumstances.

Core Values

You will identify your own values and beliefs, and learn how they effect your interaction with others.


You will make time to practice pleasure.


If you are grateful for what you have, you will never be dissatisfied.


The appropriate form of exercise for your current physical and mental state can be a powerful method of change.  It can improve body composition, remove toxins, improve metabolism and cultivate energy.


Whole, organic foods eaten according to your unique biochemical and physiological needs will fuel your body for success.


Optimal breathing maximises the most important nutrient – oxygen, removing waste and energising your body.


Quality filtered water is an essential cleaning agent for the body.


You will learn the importance of sleeping according to your natural circadian cycle. 


Meditation and relaxation techniques will keep you in the moment, strengthen your intuition, enhance mood, relax and de-stress you.


You will learn the importance of cultivating healthy relationships which sustain you mentally, physically and emotionally.