The 4 Doctors

The 4 doctors is a philosophy that we use to help educate our clients about health and wellbeing. It is a expansion on an ancient Greek Philosophy created by Hippocrates and restructured by Paul Chek of the CHEK Institute.

Hippocrates, a famous Greek physician, often referred to as the ‘father of medicine’, approached each patient with the notion that there are 3 main doctors within each of us. Using this simple approach, he believed that whatever ailed his patients had its roots in one or more of these 3 aspects of human life. Paul Chek also believed this to be true. However, it is Paul’s theory that due to the sedentary lifestyle we lead today, a fourth doctor, Dr Movement should be added.


The 4 doctors is a simple but useful illustration showing how lifestyle choices are at the very foundation of health and wellbeing. Each individual doctor can provide valuable lessons, however, it is necessary to consult with each of the 4 in order to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.


Dr Happiness

Dr Happiness believes that if a person’s values do not sychronise with every aspect of their life, then life itself becomes a burden. The less a lifestyle aligns with a person’s values the more frequently the ‘fight or flight’ stress response will be activated. Dr Quiet’s advice is to uncover your values so that you can begin to create a lifestyle which supports and strengthens your values.

Dr Diet

Dr Diet is the foundation for health and wellbeing. The food and drink you introduce in to your body will dramatically affect your energy levels and biochemical response, which in turn influences physical, emotional and mental performance. A deficient diet will not provide the energy or desire to build and maintain health. You are different to me and I am different to everyone else. We are as different on the inside as we are on the outside and therefore the one diet fits all approach will not work. The optimal macronutrient ratio, as well as the food type will be radically different from one person to the next.

Dr Quiet

Dr Quiet is in charge of energy management and recovery. Your body’s ability to recover and repair itself is biologically aligned with appropriate circadian sleep cycles, relaxation through proper breathing techniques, appropriate levels of you-time, the practice of pleasure, being out in nature and meditation.

Dr Movement

Dr Movement is the newest recruit, he addresses the fact that we have become less active over the course of our evolution. We have come a long way from hunter-gatherers to the sedentary species we are today. The daily requirement for movement in order to survive has disappeared but it is still very much required in order to promote health. Movement is necessary to move nutrients throughout the body, eliminate waste and to generate emotional stability and mental clarity. It is imperative, however, that you choose the exercise regimen most beneficial to you as an individual according to your current physical and mental health.