This programme will change your life.

You will benefit from all the information in my guide to living better, unlimited access to a private client area where you will enjoy a plethora of useful information to help you gain a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of your signs and symptoms. You will be given information regarding optimal food choices, healing food recipes, a host of useful articles and information regarding health and wellbeing, hydration guides, hormone balancing advice, food rotation guidance and a comprehensive insight into the 5R protocols – remove, replace, repopulate, repair and rebalance. 



How will we begin our journey into wellness?


You will begin by uncovering your core values. This process is important, it will help you to reveal your overarching dream. You will learn that not living in alignment with your values means that you are resigning yourself to living in a state of dysfunction, searching for fulfillment outside of yourself. This is a place where peace will never be found, only a state of constant unease and apathy.

You will identify which of your body’s systems is stressed; hormonal, digestive or detoxification. Usually if one system is sub-optimal then the others will be to.

You will review your sleep cycles, stress loads, identify foods which are causing inflammatory issues as well as toxic relationships, home and work environments.

You will learn strategies to enable you to navigate your way through the fine-tuning of your diet and lifestyle. This may include identifying food intolerances and implementing gut healing.

You will learn the importance of eating organically and locally produced food. You will come to see the obvious logic that we cannot be healthy while eating unhealthy plants and animals.

You will also learn how all stress summates within the body. This means your body cannot tell the difference between stress from worrying about bills, to stress from relationship dramas, to stress from things like alcohol and medication, to stress from over exposure to light or stress from exercise. It is all the same to the body and it all adds up.